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Young students

“I will always remember how I was able to sing a song at the piano party that happened right before the lockdown...I have had a really good time with piano this year.”

    —William, age 12


“My piano year was awesome.”

    —Sebastian, 9 years old


“I like having Liz as a teacher because she is patient and calm. I don't get stressed out and can just enjoy the music."

    —Sara, age 11


“I like how she teaches us about different composers. I like that in every lesson I get a new song and challenge. I like how I got to try lots of new books like Christmas classics, Kids songs, and Disney. I like how she is always kind and calm. I like how she explains where the songs come from and what the words mean.”

    —Margeaux, age 7


“Liz is very kind, patient, and organized. She has me take notes during the lesson so I have a clear plan for practice which helps me continue to improve. She also makes learning fun by organizing piano parties where we can share our songs with other students. Liz is a very good teacher!”

    —Nils, age 10


“I think that she's a very good teacher and I'm glad that I chose the piano and I love playing it. Miss Liz is very nice, helpful with piano and good at teaching.”

    —Auggie, age 8 


“Liz is a very good and experienced pianist. She knows what to do when you are struggling, and has lots of good techniques to help you. Playing music with Liz will be an excellent experience for you.”

    —Zoya, age 9

“Liz is a great teacher and an excellent pianist. No matter what level or age a student is at, Liz can quickly help them. She is a very organized person and is never late. She doesn’t rush her students or go too slow for them: she follows her student’s pace. I like that you get to start playing music and genres of your choosing once you get around the intermediate level. Liz’s teaching style helps me because a lot of it is just playing the piano, getting feedback, and then implementing it. I know that you will have a great piano experience with her!”

     —Humza, age 13


“We are very happy with Humza’s progress. He enjoyed playing the longer, complex pieces and has been practicing very consistently. Humza has been practicing his pieces this weekend, and they sound beautiful! Thank you for pulling this out of him! Zoya feels a lot more confident in playing more difficult pieces and enjoys practicing. We are truly blessed to have you teach our children.”

    — Alya


“The best part of our daughter’s experience is her excitement and enthusiasm. She [has] gained confidence and self-sufficiency and is excited to perform.” 



“We do love the piano parties, and I will always remember the one in March as we had our neighbor and Jasper’s aunt, and it was our last outing before locking down. Jasper is usually hesitant on the parties, but always beams after. They are a good experience. 

I love that you teach more than how to play the songs (which is how I learned). Jasper really enjoys figuring out the challenges you give him with different keys and the questions you ask. I know that while I was a good mechanical player, Jasper will be a much more knowledgeable and flexible pianist. I also enjoy sitting in as I can. I have been very happy with remote lessons!” 



“[Both William and Francis] are having fun playing, and have gotten to a level where they enjoy their music and even like to improvise on it. I will always remember the last piano party at your house, right before the lockdown! We are so glad that you and they could make the transition to remote lessons, so they could continue during the pandemic.” 



We really feel like it’s going as well as it can, given the circumstances! It’s nice that one of us can “sit in” on their lessons, and helpful to take notes for Francis so that we and he agree about what he needs to do and practice each week.”



“Dylan was so excited for the ice cream social and got all dressed up.  He practiced a lot that week, too! I know that he will be so ready for in-person piano parties when the pandemic is finally over.” 


“I enjoyed the partnership between you and Sofia in developing curriculum and sharing ideas on how to move forward this summer. Also, I really liked how you picked up on her interest in combining piano and singing. This shared goal served as a motivator for Sofia to stay engaged in piano over the summer. Thank you for making piano lessons accessible this summer (and spring).” 



“His enthusiasm for playing! I’ll always remember Auggie playing Hot Cross Buns at his first piano party, which I didn’t know he would be brave enough to do! He loves piano.” 



“How much more confident Sara has become and how piano has become far less stressful for her. She is so shy and Liz has been incredible at understanding that and making her comfortable enough to come out of her shell. I think the shared folder has been great and I love Zoom lessons, so this is really one activity that we can absolutely still enjoy no matter what :) I am so grateful!”



“Consistent and patient lessons during a time of great upheaval. Sebastian can now actually sit down and play songs and Margeaux is still very excited about learning.” 


Adult students

“…In these eleven years, I have benefited greatly from her musical knowledge and talent. Liz’s musical experience is expansive, as she teaches and plays everything from Bach and Beethoven to tango and ragtime. In addition, Liz is a consistently patient and compassionate teacher. I leave each lesson with new knowledge of the pieces I’m playing as well as new insight of my psychological and emotional issues related to piano playing. As a teacher and friend, she is a cherished gift.” 



“Working with Liz is always such a treat—she is excellent at helping me to discover the moments of joy and lyricism in each piece we worked on. As an adult, it is vitally important to continue learning something new every day. One of the most rewarding parts is learning a piece well enough to play it at a recital. You are never too old for piano lessons—or for recitals, even though you could be the grandparent of many students playing. Thanks, Liz, for so much!” 



“Liz does more than teach the technical aspects of piano playing. She involves her learners in understanding the music emotionally, intellectually and interpretively. My lessons (our lessons) are really great discussions.” 



“[Y]ou’ve introduced me to an eclectic group of composers whose music styles have enriched my repertoire. You are a kind and gentle teacher whose skills and friendship I cherish. Thank you!”



“Sitting at the piano every day is an oasis of calm and joy in a complex and sometimes anxiety inducing world. For me, very much a refuge and sanctuary. I'll never forget playing "Alfie" one sunny morning and the postman came by and walked away whistling the tune. One thing I love about your teaching is all of the cool sheet music you pull out of your hat.” 



“I’m so new to piano lessons - started at age 56 :-)  I was nervous at first and it took me a few lessons to get into the swing of things. The best thing is I CAN PLAY THE PIANO!! Like for real. Thank you for the opportunity to learn piano. It is so satisfying.” 


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