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Established in 1997, PianoGarden draws students into the learning process through an uncharacteristically wide range of teaching materials, musical styles, and performance opportunities. Lessons involve each student on multiple levels through exposure to a rich array of  note-reading and other elements as appropriate, including improvisation, composition, ear-training, theory, history, and more.


Collaborating with students from the very first lesson, PianoGarden gives students of all ages the support to partner in their own musical journey. 

“I enjoyed the partnership between you and Sofia in developing curriculum and sharing ideas on how to move forward this summer...I really liked how you picked up on her interest in combining piano and singing. This shared goal served as a motivator for Sofia to stay engaged in piano over the summer.” —Jennifer, parent


Love of music is a thread that motivates students to cultivate regular practices; and these regular practices then serve to strengthen the internal bond. Over the years PianoGarden has seen how discipline can grow naturally out of a student’s sincere desire to learn piano. By the same token, a deeper internal connection emerges with regular discipline.  

PianoGarden nurtures the “whole person” by cultivating both the fun and the fulfilling nature of music study. Learning piano offers a doorway into a world of riches by calling upon the whole person through the intellect, by making us aware of our physical nature, and by evoking our emotions.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” 

—Ben Franklin

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