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Policies & requirements

Re-scheduling policies

Our lives are very full. PianoGarden encourages students to choose a lesson time slot that will work dependably, as rescheduling can be limited once the quarter has begun. 


PianoGarden does not offer refunds or extend credit beyond the calendar month or quarter that students have paid for.

To reschedule a lesson, students have two options:

1. "Piano Slot Trading" between students. Just let Liz know which time slot you'd like, on a particular lesson day. PianoGarden will furnish you with the contact information of the student who has that slot, so you can contact them yourself to learn if it is possible to trade. Students who would not like to participate in piano slot trading can let her know so she will not give out their contact information.


2.  You can alternatively contact Liz and pay $10 per lesson for her to reschedule the lesson.  


Rescheduling requires at least 48 hours notice. 


PianoGarden offers one free rescheduling per quarter to each student.  

Finally, when it comes to "Emergency" rescheduling—i.e., last minute rescheduling caused either by inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances: PianoGarden occasionally has some wiggle room. This option should not be used as a fall-back for incomplete planning on the part of the student. It is offered on a case by case basis, and depends on lesson slot availability.

Online lesson requirements

Online lessons call for a new level of administration on the part of both parents and older students. Troubleshooting technical difficulties, scanning and emailing music, taking notes and sharing lesson plans—these have become collaborative requirements to the fluid functioning of remote learning. It is important that student families are aware of this before choosing the online option.In addition to your keyboard instrument, you will need a reliable internet connection and a device with a decent sound system.


You will also need access to a Google Drive so we can share copies of music and completed written assignments like theory pages or compositions. This is done on a weekly basis by scanning materials or photographing them with a cell phone, and emailing them.


A pencil at the keyboard is a constant, so you can make notes.


For young students, we will need to arrange a notetaker, whether it be a parent or myself.  Students ages 10 and older are coached to take their own notes.


Very young beginning students are also required to have an adult present who can offer technical and other support (this person can double as note-taker).


Discontinuing lessons

There are times when students and even teachers need to choose to discontinue the lesson relationship. This is rare, but it does happen. For this to move toward a positive outcome, a thoughtful space needs to be held for respectful communication.


PianoGarden therefore asks students to give a month’s notice when they make this decision.

That being said, PianoGarden recognizes that extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances cannot always be avoided.

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