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Piano lessons

Since the beginning of time, human beings have wanted to “get it right”.


Piano students are no different.


What does it mean to play the piano “correctly”? How can we tell that we are playing a piece of music the way it was intended?


Learning the “ropes” and the “rules” of a discipline are necessary steps toward developing a relationship with an instrument. Naturally piano lessons address various acknowledged basics, such as technique, accurate note-reading, counting, and posture.


Yet, ultimately, we each have a tremendous, and exciting, opportunity: to find our own “voice” at the piano—that is, to discover what we want, deep down, to express, that is unique to each one of us. With openness and curiosity, PianoGarden students can begin to explore their own ideas about what sounds “good” or “right” to them.

PianoGarden lessons have often been compared to  coaching sessions. Students are guided toward how to make their own choices. Lessons are tailored to each student, regardless of age or background.  A way to describe this approach might be “one size fits one”. Students arrive at their lesson “where they are at”—and so that is where our lessons begin.

“If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow...”


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