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Since 1997 PianoGarden has hosted frequent student recitals which have come to be called PianoParties.


These events celebrate the distinctive accomplishments of students from 5 to 75,  reflecting the particular musical interest of each participant. Gathered together in one studio space—physically or online—Liz’s students perform for each other three times during the academic year.


Students prepare and pick their own pieces, decide whether or not to perform, and if so, when. During lessons, Liz guides each student to choose performance pieces that showcase their progress, pieces that are both fun to play and also reveal some kind of challenge that has been mastered. Students work on refining their choices over time, and arrive at the PianoParty ready to perform. However, each student makes the final decision about participating during the Party. There is no set program, so students line up to play when they are ready. Allowing the student to make this personal decision fosters accountability and freedom of choice, empowering the student’s own process. PianoGarden has supported many a student toward greater confidence and enjoyment of playing in front of others.


Student families and friends have a chance to share treats (even online!) and insights after the performance. These events offer friendly, supportive, and festive occasions for honing both performance skills and mutual appreciation, through connection with students across generations.


All of Liz’s students are encouraged to participate in the PianoParties.  

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people...”

—Roy Ayers

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